Rules of War

Welcome New Members!

Glad to have you on board! Thanks for taking the time out to meet our requirements of being here. These requirements are what makes us a strong alliance!
  • Planning Day: Do not donate troops to War Map unless you have Atomic Age or higher troops. 

  • We do NOT enforce attacking your mirror but like that members stay close to theirs or whatever makes sense at the time.

  • 1st Attack is on any base within your range that you are confident to win 5 Stars.

  • 2nd Attack we ask be held for strategic clean-up towards war's end, but may be used within the first 12 hours only on a base that has already been hit

  • Strategic Clean-Up, All bases are open for attack, always with the hope of adding new Stars to our score. If winning a new Star is not a viable option, then getting at least 1 Star from any base will add to your War Bonus.

  • We will send out in-game email with instructions, and/or reminder of the guidelines.

  • Lastly, have fun! 
Pretty simple system that is fair and effective.