Bad Rabbits:
  • Snottbarian - Leader
  • Chris - Co-Leader
  • Decapitator - Co-Leader
  • Dobeber - C-Leader
  • Grey Fox - Co-Leader
  • Judyville - Co-Leader
  • KafejoBear - Co-Leader
  • Dobber - Co-Leader
  • Mongol/Rollo joined Bad Rabbits in 2016 and was a friendly/active member of the alliance throughout his entire time with us.  He was quick with wit and helpful advice.  Mongol quickly rose through the ranks and became a co-leader in short order.  Mongol passed away in September 2018 after battling on-going helath problems.  RIP old friend, you will be missed.
  • BoBean was handed the reigns of the Bad Rabbits Alliance in May of 2016.  Under her awesome leadership Bad Rabbits Alliance grew to a force to be reckoned with.  It is due to her tireless work that this website exists.  BoBean retired from the leadership position in March of 2017.