Rules & Regs

Basic Bad Rabbit Rules:
  • You must be an Adult 25+ to join
  • Since we are all adults, no drama
  • Introduce yourself after joining, and before asking for troops
  • Make sure to opt in and out of wars as your schedule allows
  • If included in a war, use both attacks. Alliance mail will be sent out before each war to give direction.
  • Failure to use both attacks may result in demotion or removal from alliance.
  • No donation ratios, but you must make some donations each period to show you are active. Donate and request as much as possible as it makes the team stronger.
  • Inactivity of a week or more may result in removal from alliance
  • Chat app GroupMe is mandatory for participation in war
  • HAVE FUN- it's a game after all

How We Do Other Things:
  • Promotion to Council is earned after 30 days of activity demonstrating an investment in the Alliance. Promotions will take place the beginning of each month.
  • Participation in War - Based on increments of 5. When there are more allies than slots, and no volunteers to opt out, determination will be made by Leaders.
  • Communication is Essential to function as a team in supporting our mutual goal to improve game play, excel in war, and just plain old have fun.