Bad Rabbits Alliances are open to all English-speaking Adults 25+Up, whether new to DomiNations, or ear-tattered war-seasoned veterans.

Our aim is to provide players with a low-drama, high-activity, laid-back environment. We do not micro-manage your game play, but do require active participation.

We love to war, we strive to win, with our ability to work as a team essential for victory. Bad Rabbits I is our primary war alliance where our most experienced big guns reside and they war constantly, Bad Rabbits II wars several times a week with players from medieval to atomic in a more relaxed atmosphere, BadRabbits3 0SH is our training ground for those looking to gain experience in war.

All the Bad Rabbits alliances work in tandem towards improved game play skills, and overall enjoyment.

Look over our Rules & Regs, and Rules of War to see if we are what you're looking for.

If we are, Welcome!